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Notice -- This pseudo-mod project was created for me to learn the tools and formats used for UT2k4 mods, and since I think I've learnt enough from it, I've decided to halt the project and look for a more serious project/mod team to help. This was a planned step and while it's kind of sad to leave this project, it has already served its purpose and I'm glad for it.

I'll still leave this page here for archivement purposes, but I won't be finishing anything for it except for the skycutter modelling and skinning, I suppose.

- Zeh Fernando, Jul 2004


The Third Earth


· What is it ·

The Third Earth is a Thundercats-inspired modification work for the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine.

Intended to be a Total Conversion assault-based mod, TTE is my playing ground to learn how to create content to this engine. This is a one-man job.

While I can't be certain of any kind of release dates, I have a full design plan I'm implementing as I have time and I learn to deal with the game tools and formats. I'll probably release something in the future, when the content reaches a more mature state and it's playable.


· Game Plan Bits ·

· Assault gametype;
· Maps based on specific Thundercats episodes, including objectives;
· Vehicles based on the Thundercats franchise;
· Teams Thundercats vs Mutants/Lunatacs;
· Class-based characters (ie, Panthro can repair vehicles, Cheetara is faster, Tigra can become invisible, each one has its own weapons, etc);
· Special "story mode" map cycle: when a map is completed, depending on the outcome of the battle, it leads to a certain given map which is a "continuation" of the story, and ultimately leading to the victory or defeat of the thundercats, after a complete map cycle;
· Mutator to replace the default vehicles with Thundercats vehicles on ONS, and maybe other one to apply the character classes/weapons;

· Preview stuff ·

In the meantime, here's some raw preview stuff (links to directories):

/wip - Work-in-progress shots, taking from the original content while being edited. This is basically a preview of how it'll look like.
/ingame - In-game shots, taking from testing sessions. These are usually work-in-progress too. Newer ones usually have a higher number appended.


· Currently on the game (and being worked/fixed) ·

· Thunderclaw (Thundercats vehicle): needs skinning finish, code finish
· Spaceboard (Thundercats vehicle): needs code finish, correct driver replication
· Vehicle mutator (replaces ONS vehicles by vehicles from The Third Earth): needs more vehicles :)
· New "TTEAS" gametype wrapper
· "TTEPawn" pawn/class support, and class selection GUI: shell is done
· New physics: no dodge/double jump, infinite walldodging (example)

· Being done ·

· Skycutter (Mutants vehicle): skinning, animating (landing gears, wing), making code [crappy preview]
· Thundertank (Thundercats vehicle): modeling
· Cheetara (Thundercats character): modeled/skinned [preview], needs new attacking animations
· Panthro (thundercats character): modeled [preview], skinning
· Cheetara's staff (weapon): modeled, needs to be added/coded

· Soon to be worked/at planning stages ·

· Cat's Lair (map): static meshes
· Panthro's nunchaku (weapon)


Like I said, this is something I'm doing for learning purposes, although I'm planning it to be a playable, fun mod for UT2k4. Legally wise, I hope I won't have much trouble with the content because there are no such electronic content available for this franchise for it to be considered threatening to their property - meaning I hope it won't get bidforpower'd - but even if it does, the learning objective will already have been achieved, so I'm working on it and not caring about the possibility of getting threatened/sued.

I don't think I'll do a full website. Not until the mod is in a more advanced state anyways.

- zeh "rorshack" fernando
zeh AT fatorcaos DOT com DOT br